Sunday Brunch

€ 29.00 per person*

  • Baker’s Basket: Artisan buns, seeded buns and carob bread
  • Croissants, Brioches
  • Chocolate filled pastry, Pastry rolls
  • Assorted jams (strawberry, apricot, pumpkin, red berries, Honey)
  • Butters
  • Smoked Hams
  • Natural and fruit yoghurts
  • Assorted cereals
  • Soup
  • Assorted Pizzas
  • Selection of Vegan and Vegetarian dishes
  • Meat and Fish dish
  • Mini beef burgers with bacon and cheddar cheese
  • Pasta, Bolognese sauce and tomato, basil sauce
  • Risotto show-cooking and Omelettes
  • Baked eggs, Scrambled eggs
  • Fried Bacon, Tuscan-sausage, Baked beans
  • Scones, Pancakes
  • Salads (lettuce, arugula, carrot, corn, beetroot, tomato,cucumber)
  • Selection of composed salads
  • Assorted Sushi
  • Cheese board
  • Assorted hors d’oeuvre
  • Assorted Sandwiches
  • Mushrooms and spinach quiche
  • Roast beef wraps with arugula and parmesan cheese
  • Smoked salmon, watercress and dill cream over Nordic bread
  • Dessert spoon, Cupcakes,Slices of seasonal fruit
  • Assorted juices (beetroot, carrot, mango, passion fruit, orchard fruits, orange, tangerines)
  • Mineral waters
  • Milk, chocolate

between the ages of 3 and 10 € 14.50

VAT included. All values charged in euros. This establishment has a complaint book at your disposal. If you require any information on allergens, please ask our staff members before ordering. No dish, product or beverage, including the couvert, may be charged without it being requested or consumed by the customer.